EvalYouth Asia is launching the Peer-to-Peer Career Advisory Initiative for Young and Emerging Evaluators (P2p+) in the Asia Pacific region on January 29, 2021.


The launching event will start at 7.30 PM IST, with a session on M&E Career and Landscape. 

P2p Asia-1st session aims.png
P2pAsia-1st session.png

About P2p+ Career Advisory for Emerging Evaluators:


The P2p+ Career Advisory for Emerging Evaluators is a novel initiative that serves to address the technical and career advisory needs of YEEs and meet the increasing demand for highly qualified M&E professionals and evaluation capacity. EvalYouth Asia is responsible for rolling out the initiative in the Asia Pacific region and will closely work with other partners including partnered EES, IDEAS, EvalYouth Global Network, UNFPA, and other organizations.