Nepal Evaluation Society is legally established in February 2009 by a group of experienced professionals as an independent, non-government and non-profit making organization. Its mission is to develop the Nepalese evaluation system as a capable, strong and reliable main managerial instrument in the planned development effort by developing evaluation culture, capacity, and commitment evaluating the results of development and its delivery to the targeted groups and using evaluation feedback in future policymaking, plan and program formulation. It's objectives are:


(1) To help in making evaluation system capable and reliable of promoting accountability and transparency and mobilizing resources effectively to achieve targeted output, outcome and impact;

(2) To conduct interaction, discussions, seminar, workshop and awareness-raising programmes to develop a culture of evaluating output, outcome and impact of development results;

(3) To conduct training and capacity development programs to strengthen monitoring and evaluation;

(4) To develop efficient M&E professional groups:

(5) To conduct independent evaluation of development works;

(6) To receive membership of national and international similar sister organizations and conduct programs with their collaboration;

(7) To publish articles, books, magazines and other publications relevant to the objective: and

(8) To conduct other necessary activities to achieve above objectives. Since it's establishment, it has competed evaluation works of different projects; organised workshops; conducted M&E training regularly; organised Talk Programmes on different M&E related topics; conducted experience sharing internalization programmes for it's members; participated and contributed in the national and international M&E forums and etc.


It is a voluntary organization working as a professional forum to strengthen M&E. Presently, it has thirty five members, who become members of it's General Assembly. It has an Executive Board consisting of eleven persons who work as Core, Technical and Administrative manpower. It has conducted Annual General meeting of its members every year, and its progress, programmes, financial audit report and budget are approved by the meeting. It is a founder member and Board Member of Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA) established in 2013. It is the member of International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE).